What are high quality backlinks important ?

What are high quality backlinks important ?

Link building has become one of the pivotal SEO practices in recent years, and it helps deliver great success to companies worldwide. But the question is, do any backlinks matter or should you just focus on high quality backlinks? Granted, you can buy backlinks from a variety of sources, but why should you focus just on high quality backlinks? Let’s find out .

What kind of backlinks can you buy ?

When you choose to buy backlinks, you can purchase either follow or nofollow backlinks. The nofollow backlinks tell crawlers to not pass the pagerank to hyperlinks, but they still give some boost. Of course, follow/dofollow backlinks are better because they say to crawlers the URL is relevant, which helps boost the SEO benefits and pagerank of that page. With that in mind, any backlinks can be efficient and handy for your business, as they do help with the overall growth and exposure of that page .

Do high quality backlinks matter ?

As always quality is more important than quantity. A lot of people think that if you have thousands of backlinks, that will boost their ranking. It might, but the truth is that Google and other search engines focus on quality first and foremost. They don’t really care about the amount of links you have unless they are proven to come from a high quality website .

That why whenever you want to buy backlinks you need to check exactly where these backlinks come from. If search engines see that these backlinks come from a reputable page, then they will boost your SEO and rank higher. However, if your backlinks are low quality, that will actually have a detrimental effect on your ranking. And yes, your business can suffer from that .

Which is why you always want to buy only high quality backlinks if possible. Seorah is here to bring you the best, high quality backlinks you need in a variety of packages according to your needs and requirements. You always need to ensure that the backlinks you buy are permanent, because temporary backlinks just lead to a short boost. Needless to say, long term or permanent boost are the ones you must focus on, as that’s where you are getting the right value and results .


It’s very important to start link building today, since it can bring in a great SEO benefit. And while there, don’t hesitate to buy backlinks as well. It’s a great investment in the future of your business, since it can help you achieve growth and boost your business to the next level. You can finally access a targeted audience that needs what you’re offering, which will help generate more sales in the long run.

However, you only want to invest in permanent, high quality backlinks that come from a proven source. This is how you get to create a stellar link building profile which delivers amazing results in the long term. Focus on value, quality and not quantity when you buy backlinks, and results can be incredible !

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