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Kasper Backlinks Building Package

Permanent Backlink Package – 29 Backlinks From Famous Sites With High Authority

High Quality Backlinks Package

30+ Permanent Backlinks

From 9 Page Rank Websites +90 Authority

The Sites Of This Package Are All Among The Top And Famous Sites In The World ( Pinterest, Reddit, Amazon, Adobe, Sony, TED, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Etc… )

Backlinks are the undisputed winner of SEO services and increase Google rank. From the beginning, Google has always used backlinks to increase the ranking and strength of sites. Google’s philosophy has always been that if many sites link to a site or an article from a site, this site or article must be an important topic. Therefore, until a few years ago, one factor behind backlinks was their number. The more backlinks a site had, the more credit Google gave to that site. Nevertheless, this issue gradually led many companies to create high numbers of backlinks but low in quality. Google realized this and paid more attention to the quality of the backlinks than the quantity. By creating a new algorithm, this went so far that Google fined any site that received several thousand backlinks at once and only validated sites whose backlinks were quality sites. Since then, all SEO companies active in backlinks have started to create backlinks in small numbers but on high quality sites. Therefore, today, to increase the site’s credibility in Google, instead of having a large number of low-quality backlinks, it is enough to have a few backlinks with quality.

Complementary backlink service is one of the special services approved by many major SEOs globally. The number of backlinks for this service is 29, but all backlinks are permanent. The main feature of this service is the source of sending backlinks. In this service, we have tried to make all the backlinks sent from sites with high authority and rank and be among the most famous sites in the world. Most sites from which backlinks are taken for you have an Authority (Domain Authority) over 80 and have page rankings of 7 to 9.

Note that we do not buy backlinks for you in this package, but we create backlinks, which will remain permanently in the source sites.

A few examples of sites from which backlinks will be taken for you in this package.







Note that today, the quality of the source and source of the link sender is of particular importance, and sometimes only one link from a very famous and quality site can be worth more than hundreds of links from anonymous sites. Most backlinks of this package are profiled.

A complementary backlink service can act as a powerful enhancer along with our other packages to increase the power of your site domain and rank in the keywords you want.


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